Abbess Ng Mui 五?大師

Yim Wing Chun ????

Leung Bok Chau 梁???

Leung Lan Kwai 梁蘭?

Wong Wah Bo 黃華?

Leung Yee Tai* 梁??

Leung Jan 梁?

Chan Wah Shun ?華??/span>

Leung Bik#

Chu Shong Tin^ 徐???/span>

Wong exchanged the fist-fighting techniques with Leung's Six-and-a-half Point Long Pole

*   Abbot Chi Sin taught Leung Yee Tai the Six-and-a-half Point Long Pole

#   Son of Leung Jan

^   Chu Shong Tin is the official English Name as stated in the Hong Kong Identity Card and the Passport

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