Susana HO Cheuk Har

Sifu Susana HO Cheuk Har was born in Hong Kong in a big traditional Chinese family. Although she likes martial arts, she did not have a chance to learn, as kung fu schools in the eye of people are full of troubles. In 1986, this chance came.

When she migrated to Australia in 1986, she was robbed after an evening class. She then wanted to learn something for self-defense. At that time, she could either learn from a woman's self-defense class nearby or Wing Chun. She picked Wing Chun because it is a Chinese Martial Art and was founded by a woman. On 19th July 1986, she started her first Wing Chun training at the Master Jim Fung's Wing Chun Academy. It was in the same year that she first met Sigung Chu Shong Tin.

In 1987, she went back to Hong Kong for a holiday and got the chance to train with Sigung Chu. After finishing her studies in 1988 and wanting to keep her mother accompanied, she decided to go back to Hong Kong to work and continue her training in Wing Chun with Sigung Chu.

In 1994, she attended the first Senior Instructor Course organized by the Ving Tsun Athletic Association of Hong Kong that was lectured by Chu Shong Tin, Ip Chun, Ip Ching, Wong Shun Leung and Siu Yuk Men, all being the first generation of Grandmaster Ip Man.

In 1996, her mother was granted permanent residency from the Australia Immigration Department so they decided to settle back in Australia in October in the same year.

Her school was founded in January 1997 with the help of five students: Norman Ma, James Chang, Chi Man Lau, Barry Cheung and Wayne Treble. Since she has been back in Australia, she insists on going back to Hong Kong every year to train under Sigung Chu for four to five weeks to further her skills.

Wing Chun becomes part of her life forever.



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