Ving Tsun Tea Party




~ 徐???~

Aim :

The Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Tea Party gathers and condenses the wisdom of different generations

Sharing our attainments and knowledge inherited from the past and giving enlightenment for future generations

~ Chu Shong Tin ~




The Ving Tsun Tea Party was founded by Master Chu Shong Tin in the year 2000 with the aims as mentioned above. And with the support of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association by providing the place for the gathering, the first Tea Party was held in July 2000.


In February 2001, a New Year Party was held at the Concourse Hotel in Hong Kong which was attended by over 10 masters from the 1st generation of Ip Man and with a total of over 80 people present.


In the 2nd and 3rd of March 2002, a New Year Gathering was held in Foshan, China. A group of 55 people attended from Hong Kong which included 25 visitors from Australia giving the Foshan Jing Mo Wui a visit.


The Tea Party has its final gathering on 5th of December 2004.

A group photo taken by Ip Man's 1st generation disciples at the New Year Party in 2001

A group Photo for the Foshan trip in March 2002

Exchange of flags between Master Chu and the Honour Chairman of Foshan Jing Mo Wui, Master Ho Hoi Lum in 2002

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